Our Services
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    Driveway & Pathway

    High Pressure Cleaning NSW provide a very simple, effective and affordable service that cleans-up these outdoor spaces in the best possible way and to add value to the house.

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    Roof Pressure Cleaning

    When home-owners find that there roofs are looking dull and drab, they begin considering getting it painted; but this isn't always a requirement, pressure cleaning will do the job.

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    Car Park Pressure Cleaning

    We have an expert team if personnel who ensure that every single surface is thoroughly clean and clear of moss and stains. When it comes to business, first impressions matter.

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    Factories and Warehouses

    Our Customers know that with High Pressure Cleaning NSW handling there commercial pressure cleaning, they will have peace of mind that the work will be done in an expert manner and

Welcome To High Pressure Cleaning NSW

Outdoor spaces on your residential and commercial property are exposed to the elements and they tend to get worn much faster than the indoor spaces. This also means they need more care and maintenance than the inside of your home, retail or office spaces. The one way to ensure that they stay looking spruced up and clean at all times is to hire the services of an expert company like High Pressure Cleaning NSW for the job.

With years of experience in this space, there isn’t a single type of pressure cleaning job we haven’t handled.  We are the experts that can tackle residential, commercial as well as specialised high pressure cleaning tasks. We are the professionals who use technologically advanced equipment in our work and can handle projects of any scale.

Importance of High Pressure Cleaning for Residences

As a homeowner you take great care to keep your home clean and neat. The outdoor spaces on your property are one of the first things that visitors notice and these areas also see excessive wear and tear. So, all those oil stains on the driveway, the walkway pavers that are covered with moss or the retaining walls or exterior walls of your home that are looking dull and drab, can impact the overall look of your property and affect its curb appeal.

It also reduces the value of your property and in case you ever plan to sell, these factors can significantly reduce the sale value. However, when you opt for regular high pressure cleaning services for your home, you are assured that all the outdoor spaces such as concrete, roofs, driveways and tiles stay looking clean right round the year

Importance of High Pressure Cleaning for Commercial Establishments

Every commercial property owner wants their office building; retail space, factory etc to stay clean and they want the outdoor spaces to be that way too. We at High Pressure Cleaning NSW provide excellent services and pressure clean shopping centres and malls, movie hall buildings, petrol stations, car parks, factories and warehouses, cool rooms as well as office buildings, hotel and restaurant properties etc. In short- we handle it all. We understand that the requirements of commercial customers are very different from that of residential ones and ensure that all your requirements are met to the tee.

Specialised High Pressure Cleaning

Apart from commercial and residential properties, there are other specialised high pressure cleaning projects that we handle, such as hospitals and pavement cleaning, council work and school premises pressure cleaning as well as industrial and school cleaning, fire restoration and shade sail cleaning.

While we are highly focused on providing high grade pressure-cleaning services to all our clients, we also focus on providing you value for money. We ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our job, regardless of how big or small it is.  If you are looking for a reputed, licensed and insured company to provide you outstanding high pressure cleaning services anywhere across Sydney, High Pressure Cleaning NSW is the company to call. For more information, call us at 1300 583 455.